4. Course on project communication

On this page we publish innovative on-line course materials in Hungarian language in the topic of project communication.

The objective of this course is to present what is the role and what are the tasks of project communication during the various stages of the project cycle. We discuss various channels and tools for realizing project communication, including compulsory and recommended communication tools of LIFE projects.

The course development is under construction, please get back later to this page.

Titles of the lectures

Further readings
M4_00 Introduction: how to process the training? 

M4_01 Introduction to project communication

Project coordination and communication
Internal communication: managerial style
 Internal communication: conflict- and stress management

 Communication in the various project phases

M4_02. Communication planning aspects in the project development phase

Contractual communication obligations of LIFE projects: overview of compulsory and recommended tools

M4_03. Communication in the project start phase: Action plan & Communication plan

 Project action plan template
Communication plan template
 Example: Communication plan
 External communication: contracting a communication agency
 Example: project visual identity guide (LiF project)

M4_04. Communication tools in the project start phase: Kick-off meeting, Website 

 Internal communication: reports and meetings

 Project kick-off meeting template
 Download official LIFE and N2000 logos
 How to chose appropriate font type for your project website?

M4_05. Communication tools in the project main delivery phase - an overview Life Communications Team: introduction, services, contacts
M4_06. Expert engagement, Community engagement 
M4_07. The production of publicity material, Noticeboards 
 M4_08. Media appearances: public relations, press release, interview 
M4_09.  On-line appearances:  newsletter, social media 
M4_10. Networking 
M4_11. Communication tools towards the end of the the project: Laymen's report, After Life plan 
M4_12. Communication tools after the main project delivery phase