10th European Conference on Ecological Restoration - ‘Best Practices in Ecological Restoration’
Freising, Germany

The 10th European Conference on Ecological Restoration will be held at the Department Ecology and Ecosystem Management, School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan - Technische Universität München.

The organisers aim to provide a friendly and exciting atmosphere to stimulate dialogue between restoration scientists, practitioners and policy makers, and to collaborate on the challenge of Best Practice in Restoration.

Conference main topics are:

LAND - Landscape - Land use - Biogeochemical fluxes - Soil Formation

Restoration goals: Keep in or return land to such state that it provides habitat for living organisms and people in following generations, fertile soil is not reduced and can develop, provides clean water, has net uptake of climate relevant gases.
Challenges: Changing land use, eutrophication, drainage and low groundwater, urban expansion, erosion, pesticides

LIFE - Ecosystems - Interactions - Species - Genotypes

Restoration goals: Keep plant, animal and microbial populations and communities in such conditions that they can grow, reproduce and interact.
Challenges: Habitat destruction, fragmentation and isolation, over-exploitation, introduction of non-native species and genotypes, rate of environmental change vs. rate of evolutionary change

PEOPLE – Socio-economy - Planning - Law & Politics - Public Relations

Restoration goals: Unite persons that can plan, permit, perform and pay for restoration projects for the timespan that is necessary to successfully restore habitats. Social restoration.
Challenge: Diverging interests and different language, e.g. interest in monetary vs. non-monetary returns, academic vs. colloquial language, legislative terms vs. restoration timespans

PRACTICE - Methods - Tools - Monitoring

Conference goals: Reports on actual case studies of ecosystem or population restoration; certain overlap with previous topics, which will also attract case studies and not only theory and basic science. Encourage reporting pitfalls as well as success stories.


Conference goal is to collect reports on the practical case studies of ecosystem or population restoration - encouraging reporting pitfalls as well as success stories.

For registration and more information visit the Conference website: http://www.ser2016.org/