European Natura 2000 Day

"The 21st of May is the European Natura 2000 Day. With the celebration of this Day, we want all European citizens to discover the stunning richness of these sites, where nature and human go hand in hand. We want to convert the European Day of the Natura 2000 Network into the day in which all of us will make a gesture (symbolic or real) for our natural sites.

Under this premise, the aim is for every person, organization or institution to make a gesture of social awareness in favor of preserving the natural ecosystem and the birds that inhabit it.

Why that day?

On the 21st of May 1992 Habitats Directive was approved. This Directive and the Birds Directive (approved in 1979) are the basement of Natura 2000 Network and allowed the protection of Natura2000 areas.

Despite its 20 year of history and its ecological, social and economic importance, the Natura 2000 network is known only by few citizens. This lack of awareness by citizens is one of the main problems of the Natura 2000 Network. Help us to solve it, recommending your friends and aquitances to participate in the celebration of the European Day.

This celebration is part of the Life project Natura 2000: Connecting people with biodiversity,implemented by SEO/BirdLife and EFE, supported by the European Commission."